The Celebration Tribute

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The Celebration Tribute

If you are looking for a beautiful way to ...

  • Pay tribute to a loved one - whether living or passed on
  • Creating a tribute video to celebrate your own story
  • Memorial / Celebration Services
  • Milestones: Birthdays, Retirement, Anniversaries, etc.

Look no further, this is what I love to do!  This is my flagship product. This is what my Life Souvenirs brand is built upon. I offer this solution in a variety of ways:

A DIY/Self-Guided System

You take the prompts and the guides and do it yourself. Keep in mind I do ZERO tech training. So, you either need to be tech savvy with video software or know someone who can do it for you.

Concierge Level 1 

You use the prompts & gather photos /video audio to help tell the story  of the person being honored. You pass them on to me via a Google Drive folder I set up for us to share.  Then, I create a video. This level is ideal for milestone celebrations.

Concierge TOP TIER

Includes all of Level 1 plus photo/video editing//filter services to create continuity and cohesiveness, facilitation of a zoom meeting with your friends and family to get them on video/audio talking about the loved one being honored,


All of the above plus a beautiful, high quality keepsake tribute book. 

Contact me on VOXER with any questions. 

The videos are uploaded for you- digital files only.

Sample of my work - be sure to watch to the end - i switch it up to truly honor the person being celebrated:

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 Celebration Tribute: DIY / Self-Guided (no product / video - just the "How to")
 $197.00 USD
 Celebration Tribute: Concierge Level 1
 $650.00 USD
 Celebration Tribute: Concierge Level 1 Payment Plan
 $500.00 USD  ( then $500.00 USD for 1 months )
 Celebration Tribute: Concierge Top Tier
 $1,200.00 USD
 Celebration Tribute: Concierge Top Tier Payment Plan
 $750.00 USD  ( then $750.00 USD for 1 months )
 Celebration Tribute: Concierge Top Tier VIP ELITE PACKAGE WITH KEEPSAKE BOOK
 $2,200.00 USD

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