The Family Yearbook!

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The Family Yearbook!

Don't know what to do with all of those photos on your phone of family, special events, vacations, etc? 

Afraid they might be lost or forgotten along the way - but you just don't know where to start?

If you are searching for a way to preserve your memories in a way that can be holdable - shareable - giftable - then look no further! I have a solution for you!

I will teach you my Rescue Method so you can retrieve and organize the photos in your phone. 

Then you will have a system that is streamlined. You choose a few of the best photos from each month, from special events, and that honor / celebrate individuals in your family.

Then you create the family yearbook with a photo book publisher like Shutterfly and that way each family member can have their own copy.

There are three levels to this. The DIY/Self-Guided option. You just take the info and run with it yourself.  There is no support from me with this option. 

The Concierge Levels have Voxer Support. 

Level 1 - You send me the raw content and I set the book up in Shutterfly for you. Then you order it. 

Top Tier - I take your photos and do photo editing, apply filters for continuity and cohesiveness and help you tell the story. I set it up for you either in Shutterfly or another proprietary photo book company I work with and turn it over to you to order.

TOP TIER VIP with Video - This has no payment plan option.  This is one year. Ongoing Voxer Support. Prompts. I design your photo book for you and this price includes ONE coffee table, lay flat high quality book. 

You can order additional copies for family members, of course.

The VIP TOP TIER also includes a family yearbook video that tells your family story in a different way. 

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 The Family Yearbook: DIY / Self-Guided
 $27.00 USD
 Family Yearbook Concierge: Level ONE
 $250.00 USD
 Family Yearbook Concierge: Level ONE Payment Plan
 $150.00 USD  ( then $150.00 USD for 1 months )
 Family Yearbook Concierge TOP TIER
 $500.00 USD
 Family Yearbook Concierge TOP TIER Payment Plan
 $300.00 USD  ( then $300.00 USD for 1 months )
 Family Yearbook Concierge TOP TIER VIP PLUS VIDEO (Only available with with this plan)
 $1,500.00 USD

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