Write Your Legacy Book

Write Your Legacy Book

Have some wisdom and life lessons you would like to pass on?

Have a message you feel like you were meant to deliver?

Either to family & friends or the world marketplace?

Overwhelmed? Think that writing a book is difficult and worry you don't have enough to say or share? 

What if I told you, you have enough to say! A legacy book is however you choose to impart your wisdom, lessons learned and share pieces of your life for friends & family or you can put it out there in the world?  I help you with prompts; strategy to create a beautiful book and enough white space so it's not all on you to fill up all of the pages with words. Use white space, larger print, photos, quotes, etc. 

Are you ready to write it now?

Worried you aren't savvy enough to set it up in a format or in software so that it can be published? Choose the option to hire me as your personal concierge to do all of that for you. I take your raw content and set up your book for you. 

I am writing mine now, too, So, let's do it together. Once mine is done, the price goes up. So, lock in this price today! 

  • Prompts here in the vault. 
  • Voxer support. 
  • Once there are 3 clients, I will open up a group to build a community for ongoing support, feedback, ideas, showing off your work, etc. 

Eventually this will be in a workbook form and you will receive a free pdf copy of it. 

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