The 16:9 Life

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The 16:9 Life

This works like a group membership; but without the monthly fees. There is a one-time access fee and then you have access for the life of the program.

Weekly releases of Scripture Studies with Reflection Questions and life & business application strategies. Content types will vary between video, audio, pdf's, etc.  

You will also have opportunity to connect with others in the group, group Zoom meetings, etc.  We will also have "Cocoon" Events - special events over three days like a virtual retreat for a deeper dive and connection with God's Divine path for your life and connection with others.  Cocoon Events will be open to outside members for a fee; but those who are in this program will have free access. 

As I've made it clear in other spaces, I am not a sales page writer. I am just a writer & I prefer just to write as if I was talking to you face to face - like a letter. Just keeping it simple. 

The 16:9 Life is free for those who are in the Midlife Lifestyle Transition Coaching program. This is the spiritual branch. So, if you are a client of that program, you should already have access to this one. If you don't, you need to contact MelAnn on Voxer. 
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