Grab Your Story by the Horns Masterclass

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Grab Your Story by the Horns Masterclass

This is the product that is described in greater detail over at Grab Your Story by the Horns. 

Masterclass Workshop: Live via Zoom Tuesday, April 20th at 2:00 PM CST

(It will be recorded and uploaded here if you can't make it live, you can still access it.)

Challenge is the week of April 27th Tues - Saturday

Optional Upgrades: Workbook, 4 Hour Intensive

More on the intensive: The intensive offers your choice of times that work on your schedule. They will vary from week to week. Once one slot is confirmed by a client, other options may disappear until that slot reaches a certain threshold - then another one will be opened up that week. My goal is to offer at least one weekday and one weekend day each week. I will open up another week day as needed. Until we get going and I see what slots my clients seem to prefer, will keep opening up different times. The only days I won't do these on are Sundays & Mondays. So, if you want a specific time slot and don't see it in my calendar- message me and let's see if I can get you in something that works best for you. 
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Grabbing Those Horns Now!

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